January 17, 2011

Face-Book Shortcuts!

Hello Friends!
You All Noticed That We Rocking Each Others Day By Day!
Here I Am Going To Post Some Good Tricks For FaceBook!
If you are a Facebook Addict(Like Me) And Spend Several Hours In Facebook Then You Must Know These Keyboard Shortcuts.These shortcuts Helps you to Do many common Facebook tasks much faster and saves Lot of Time.

These shortcuts are Browser Specific.If you are using Google Chrome then use these shortcuts:

Alt + M:To quickly Composing Message.

Alt + ? : To Search Any Facebook User.

Alt + 1 : To open FaceBook HomePage(News Feed).

Alt + 2 : To Opens Your FaceBook Profile.

Alt + 3 : To Open Friend Request Approval Panel.

Alt + 4 : Opens the Messages Panel In Facebook.

Alt + 5 : Shortcut to opens the Facebook Notifications Panel.

Alt + 6 : Brings you to your Account Setting Page.

Alt + 7 : Brings the ‘Privacy’ page.

Alt + 8 : Opens Facebook’s “Facebook page”.

Alt + 9 : It Opens the “terms and condition” page.

Alt + 0 : Brings you to the “Help” Page.

                                    >> Firefox Users Need To Use Shift+Alt+# 

                            >> Internet Explorer Alt+# And Press Enter. 

                                               P.S.-Replace # with 1,2,3.

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