January 09, 2011

More Free Goodies For You!

As I Posted This Post Many Users Asked About For More Free Goddies.
So I Am Here Going To Post More Free Stuffs Only And Only For You! -

As You Know about ibibo.com they are giving free Cd of PLAY Boxwhich contains Games,Music,Chat.
Games:- Make new friends while playing POOL, CHESS and other exciting games.
Chat Station:- Live radio, cricket, music, videos & contests all this while chatting & meeting new people
Messenger:- Make FREE audio and video calls to
anyone, anywhere in the world.

They are giving this Cd Free Of Cost
You need to just go provide them your details & you will receive your cd of Play Box Within 2-3 Weeks.go to THIS PAGE and At Bottom You Will See Cd icon click on that & order it for Free.

2. Hostgator Free Laptop Stickers
Hostgator is Webhosting site which provides 24×7 service.Today i received my Hostgator stickers from Houston, TX USA. In white envelope. The sticker consists of simple Hostgator logo i.e. dragon eating “H” and HostGator.com
So How to get these stickers ?:-
To get these sticker you just have to tweet about why you like HostGator (be sure to use the hashtag “#hgsticker”) and fill out the form 
www.HostGator.com/sticker.php wait for stickers.


3. Request a Brochure or DVD From National Geography
Lindblab Expeditions and National geographic society have joined forces to inspire the world through expedition travel.They provide extraordinary travel experiences and disseminate geographic knowledge around the globe.You can request a free DVD which include breathtaking video filmed live from ships and will amazed your eyes.You can request both too i received my DVD & Brouchers. Request Your Broucher Or DVD.

Order Here!

4.  Ubuntu Linux Free CD
Ubuntu Linux is available free of charge and they can
send you CDs of the latest version (7.04) with no extra cost,
Absoulitely free !

Order Here!

5. Request Free CD From Kubuntu
Kubuntu is an official derivative of the Ubuntu operating system using the KDE graphical environment instead of GNOME. It is part of the Ubuntu project and uses the same underlying system. It is possible to run both the KDE desktop (kubuntu-desktop) as well as the Gnome desktop (ubuntu-desktop) interchangeably on the same machine. Every package in Kubuntu shares the same repositories as Ubuntu.

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