February 04, 2011

Check availability of a name across all social media

The internet is a fish market. No one really owns anything and that is actually true even for something as unique as your name or nickname. Social Media or social networking websites have burst out in numbers. NameChk is a great website. I could check my name’s availability on various social networks within seconds.

About NameChk

  • Just enter your name or the name of your Blog and let the website check for availability of the name across 50 social networks.
  • This is very useful when launching a new service. For instance I am launching a new service or blog and want a particular name across social networks to represent the brand. NameChk can be very useful creating if all the major social networks you want has that name available.
  • There is no need to login or register for using this service.
This website checks across all social networks. You might want to check out How to check a keyword across the internet which would help in starting off with a new venture and name it appropriately.
Link- www.namechk.com
What are your views on snapping up names on Social Networks? Do you know of any similar tools? Do let me know through your comments.-

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