August 08, 2012

Solution For Large Number Of Friend Requests in Facebook

Among You All , Lots Of People Face(ed) Large Number Of Friend Request In One Of The Famous Social Network - Facebook!
If We Start To Check One-by-One Then It Is Almost Impossible and Time wasting Job.
and Facebook Also Doesn't Provide Any Solution For It.
So Here We Came Up With A Simple JavaScript, That Allows You To Accept All Friend Req. Just In Seconds.

How To Use It ?
#  First You Have To Go Here.

Now Here You Will See Pending Friend Requests.

Here In Address Bar Paste Code Of Your Choice.

Note : For Accepting All Friend Request Use Code 1.
           For Ignoring All Friend Request Use Code 2.
Codes ?
Go Here and Copy It.

Now Press Enter and See The Magic.

...So Dear Readers, How Do You Find It ?
Stay Tuned !


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