October 08, 2012

How To Remove 'H' Logo From Hello Bar

Hello Folks!
In Last Post We Share How To Add Hello Bar To Your Blog.
Hope you all enjoyed it.
... But bad Thing in that Hello Bar ; that it shows 'H' Logo In That bar.
So TopTechTopic To Come A Post How To Remove That H Logo From That Hello Bar and Create it more Good Looking Without paying any money.

How To Remove ?
  • First Of All You Have to Go To Blogger Dashboard.
  • After Click On Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Click On Proceed..
  • After Find </head> Tag , To Find It Click CTRL + F.
  • Now Just Add Following CSS Code Before </Head> Tag.

Remove Space Before Use - < style type="text/css"> a#hellobar-logo, a#hellobar-logo:link, a#hellobar-logo:visited { display:none; } < /style>
That's All You Have Done!
- Just Simple and Humble..

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. @MA Khan - Thanks For Commenting.
    Our Next Post Will Be On How To Remove H Logo For Wordpress Users.
    Stay Tuned!

  3. Its looks like you did not approve my comment.
    why ?

  4. Mohammed Abdullah Khan - Dear It Was Removed By Admine#2 By Mistake.
    We Promise You Will Never Face Such Problem in Future.

    - Thanks.

  5. Great post! Hellobar is the best type Stickybar which scroll along with page and grab the attention of any blog visitors or reader easily.Thanks for sharing.
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